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Facilitated by Dr. Christopher Zurawic and Dr. Sierra van Wyk

In this workshop therapists will be guided to explore the key ingredients that make group therapy a rich and valuable investment. As part of this, participants will engage in 2x 90-minute process groups. The experiential component of the workshop provides therapists of all levels with an opportunity to engage with and explore their own relational processes in a group setting. This is followed up with applied learning modules that will focus explicitly on the process-oriented aspects of therapy by incorporating core theory with examples gleaned from the day’s groups.


1. Understanding “Process”: Participants will grasp the core concept of the here-and-now process, and will be able to identify its key components and significance related to fostering vital growth in clients.

2. Direct Group Participation: A major component of the workshop is experiential. Participants will experience first-hand the transformative power of process within a group of other professionals. Participants will reference this deep process immersion in the learning components in order to make the material truly “come alive”.

3. Facilitate and Deepen the Process in Therapy: Participants will gain insights into effective facilitation techniques that encourage a focus on the group process and promote open communication through optimal safety and excitement. Participants will learn how to get their clients deeply engaged in process, inclusive of such elements as difficult communications, constructive conflicts, and meaningful emotional exchanges.

4. Utilizing Feedback: Participants will learn the importance of giving and receiving direct and constructive feedback within a group context. They will understand how direct feedback leads to two main therapeutic benefits of process, where clients learn how they are perceived and increase their abilities to express themselves.

5. Integrating Conflict: Participants will learn how process-informed therapy incorporates conflicts, misunderstandings and hurts. Participants will develop strategies for addressing conflicts within a group constructively, leading to enhanced interpersonal therapeutic encounters that translate to the “real world”.

6. Finding Oneself in Others: Participants will learn about how deeply intersubjective the self is, and how to recognize the impact that others always have on “who we are”. Participants will enhance their ability to engage in meta-communication – discussing the group’s communication and interaction dynamics – to enhance reflection, growth, and cohesion.

Facilitated by Dr. Christopher Zurawic & Dr. Sierra van Wyk at Ascending Psychology

Dive deeper into the transformative power of group therapy with our specialized workshop, “Beyond the Individual: Navigating the Depths of Group-as-a-Whole Dynamics.” This advanced seminar, led by clinical psychologists Dr. Christopher Zurawic and Dr. Sierra van Wyk, offers a compelling exploration of the complex, emergent phenomena that define process group therapy at its most profound level – that of the group-as-a-whole.


Workshop Synopsis:

This workshop is designed to transcend individually-focused approaches to group therapy by concentrating on the group-as-a-whole concept—a perspective that views the group as an interactive system and entity unto itself with its unique personality, processes, and collective dynamics. Participants will be introduced to theoretical frameworks and participate in experiential sessions that illuminate the invisible forces that shape group-as-a-whole behavior and influence therapeutic outcomes.

Core Components:

Theoretical Insights: Delve into the perspectives on group dynamics, exploring concepts like basic assumption groups, the group matrix, and the role of the group conductor in navigating and interpreting the undercurrents of group life.

Experiential Exploration: Engage in dynamic group sessions that mirror the complexity of therapeutic groups. These sessions will focus on experiencing and analyzing the group-as-a-whole dynamics, with particular attention to phenomena such as projective identification, group resistance, and the emergence of shared group themes.

Advanced Facilitation Techniques: Learn sophisticated strategies for facilitating group processes that honor the integrity of the group-as-a-whole. Explore interventions that address collective defense mechanisms, enhance group cohesion, and facilitate transformative group experiences.

Reflective Integration: Participate in reflective discussions that integrate experiential learning with theoretical knowledge, enhancing your ability to perceive and influence the subtle, systemic dynamics at play within groups by working with the group itself.

Target Audience:

This workshop is intended for experienced clinicians who are familiar with the basics of group therapy and wish to deepen their understanding and skill in working with complex group dynamics. It offers a unique opportunity to enrich your therapeutic practice by mastering the art of facilitating groups in a way that leverages the collective power for individual and group transformation.

Facilitated by Dr. Christopher Zurawic & Dr. Sierra van Wyk.

Do you want to enhance your understanding of group processes? Are you seeking professional development opportunities that are experiential and theoretical? Are you wondering about adding group therapy to your clinical repertoire?


Designed for clinicians who have an interest in group therapy, interpersonal, existential, relational and group analytic concepts, and working in the here-and-now of therapeutic relationships.

We are really excited to invite you to this foundational full-day workshop facilitated by Dr. Christopher Zurawic and Dr. Sierra van Wyk. This opportunity will be both didactic and experiential, allowing participants to deepen their understanding of the theories that underpin process group therapy. To honor the nature of the intervention, both Dr. Christopher and Dr. Sierra will also invite participants to partake in two 90-minute group sessions with other attendees. This experiential component mimics the group process by using authentic material from each participant in order to reflect on and integrate the theoretical concepts that are taught throughout the day.

Workshop Overview

This workshop aims to provide an introduction to Process group therapy, the theories that underlie these groups, methods of intervention, and the practical issues associated with setting up groups. To assist workshop participants to develop a full understanding of the experience of being in group, the workshop will also include two experiential process group sessions. The benefits of process work and therapist awareness of the here-and-now experience of being in the therapeutic space is not limited to process group therapy. Regardless of the nature of the therapeutic group, clinicians who have an awareness of group process, existential and dynamic elements, and the nuances of relationships between people are able to provide clients with a richer experience of being in therapy. As such, it is anticipated that this seminar will benefit therapists who facilitate diverse therapy groups as well as individual clients.