Assessments for Children

Our team conduct holistic and thorough assessments to ensure that children are given the best opportunities to thrive. In some situations, it is necessary to have a child formally assessed by a clinical psychologist to understand their strengths and difficulties. This is particularly the case if they are having real difficulties academically or socially

What to expect from Assessments for Children

These assessments need to be thorough, because there are so many different things that can contribute to the way that children learn, interact with their friends and family, and explore the worlds around them. Misdiagnosing children can have a significant impact on their development and can worsen their prognosis. This is why our approach is individualized to each child.

What can we assess for?

Parents, family members, teachers or paediatricians commonly request a psychological assessment for a child if they suspect they are presenting with a neurodivergent profile. This includes those children who might be on the Autism Spectrum or who are displaying difficulties with attention and concentration consistent with ADHD. It is also common to request an assessment that explores the way a child might learn and if they have either strengths or difficulties that might effect their ability to participate in the classroom.

What is involved?

If your child has been referred for a psychological assessment, it will usually happen over numerous sessions. Initially, you will meet with the Psychologist first for an hour. During your first visit, the Psychologist will likely ask a range of questions to help them better understand your circumstances, the behaviours, and how things have been developing over time.

After this initial appointment, a 2-4 hour session will be booked for formal testing. This might include a range of pencil and paper tests, questionnaires, and tasks that need to be completed in a certain order. It might also be necessary for the psychologist to observe your child in their classroom or pre-school.

The Psychologist will then interpret the results of their assessment and write a report. After this is completed, you will then be asked to come in for a feedback session. During this session, the Psychologist will summarise the results of the testing and offer any recommendations moving forward.

How much does it cost?

Our reception team will organize an initial appointment with one of our clinical psychologists before they decide on the type of assessment that will be necessary. This session will need to be paid for privately and will cost $400.00. Typically, clients referred for Diagnostic Assessments will then be seen for up to five hours over three sessions. They will also receive a report at the conclusion of testing. In most cases, up to three formal tests will be administered. A full quote will be provided after the first session. This will need to be approved by the parents of third-party before we proceed*.

Helping Children with Autism (Medicare)

If your child is under 13 years of age and has been referred by a paediatrician or psychiatrist for an assessment relating to autism or any other pervasive developmental disorder, then you may be eligible for a total of 4 medicare rebates worth $89.65. To be eligible for this, we would require a referral letter from either of those professionals to process this on your behalf.

*Occasionally, the Psychologist may recommend that other tests and measures be used based on how the child performs. If this is the case, you will be notified before the assessment starts and if additional costs will be incurred. We will ensure that you are provided a comprehensive quote that will need to be approved this if it the case. Payment is required in full before the report is released by the Psychologist. We have a range of payment options available if this is something that you would like to discuss with our friendly team.

Is your child presenting with a neurodivergent profile? Contact us for more information.